VMware Horizon

Welcome to MoVE: Monarch Virtual Environment


"MoVE" is our newest expansion to our Virtual Desktop Environment. MOVE was designed to be a learning environment centered on providing a rich and robust desktop that can be accessed Anytime and Anywhere providing native access to shared class drives, the ability to print to lab printers, access to specialty software and be intuitive to use. 


Accessing MoVE:

MOVE can be accessed through any HTML5 compliant browser or through VMware’s Horizon View client. The VMware Horizon View Client offers better performance and features, such as remote USB drive access which is not available in HTML access. 

  1. How to access MOVE through your browser: MOVE_HTML_ACCESS.PDF
  2. How to install the VMware Horizon View Client: MOVE_LOCALCLIENT_INSTALL.PDF

For mobile device access on iOS or Android download the Free VMware Horizon View Client from the device's respective App Store to get the best user experience on the device.

To see the full list of VMware Horizon Clients, click here.

For help with VMware Horizon, click here.